A meeting was held with Mr. Chung Ji Pyo as a lecturer

Chung Ji Pyo, a Korean researcher from Indonesia, was invited to present his research titled “Corona and Korean – Indonesian Traditional Music Collaborative Performance 2021, 2023”. He introduced his experience in planning and managing the exchange between Indonesian and Korean performing artists and the joint production of collaborative works, despite the difficulties of communication during the pandemic.

Corona and Korean – Indonesian Traditional Music Collaborative Performance 2021, 2023

Time: 2023. 12.10 (Sun) 15:00~17:30

Venue: National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka)

Speaker: Chung Ji Pyo

Organizer/ Moderator: Chie Kamino

Hosted by:Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)”Performing arts nurtured in the “Time of Corona”: Response to the crisis, negotiation on physicality, and their positions in each society” (Yukako Yoshida)

Dr. Chung Ji Pyo’s profile

He is a player of the taegum, a traditional Korean wind instrument. In recent years, while conducting doctoral research on Indonesian traditional music in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, he worked as an administrative staff at the Korean Cultural Center attached to the Korean Embassy, where he conducted numerous courses on Korean language, taegum, and samulnori, and coordinated numerous Korean-Indonesian cultural exchange projects. He has also continued to experiment with online collaborative performances and co-productions at COVID-19 Pandemic. He received his PhD from Gadjah Mada University in 2023, and since February 2024 he has been be a faculty member at the Indonesian National Institute of Arts (ISI) Surakarata.