Second workshop “Let’s transform with a Balinese mask!” was held

Let’s travel around the world together! 2023 Chikyu Tankentai
 ”Let’s transform with a Balinese mask!”

Date/Time:Saturday, July 1, 2023
Venue:ILCAA Multimedia Seminar Room (306)

【AM session】For 1st grade elementary school students and above (including adults)
【PM session】Anyone over 18 years old. (For college students and adults)
Capacity: 15 per session

Language: Japanese
Admission: Free

Organizers and Actors:
– Noriko IIZUKA (Kyoto University/ Representative of MANALABO)
– Koji SONODA (Niigata University/ Duputy representative of MANALABO)
– Yuji YANOHARA (National Museum of Ethnology/ MANALABO)
– Hidetomo NAGASAWA(actor)
– Mihoko WATANABE (actor)

*Let’s travel the world together! 2023 Chikyu Tankentai is a series of workshops which tickle children’s curiosity to know more about the world.The event is co-organized by anthropologists and actors. Under the theme of “Let’s transform with a Balinese mask!”, participants will take part in Balinese masked theater “topeng”, and explore Balinese cosmology and view of humanity.

Jointly sponsored by
– Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Field Science Commons(TUFiSCo)
– Institute for Research in Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(ILCAA) Core Project (Anthropology)“Anthropological Inquiry of Sociality: Dynamics of Tolerance/Intolerance in Transcultural Contexts”
– Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (Principal Investigator: Noriko IIZUKA)
– Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists (Principal Investigator: Koji SONODA)

Cooperated by
Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS)